Our policy

  • Strategy against piracy and counterfeiting

RUBIE'S has implemented a European anti-counterfeiting and enforcement strategy to monitor and control the sale of all items bearing the brands, trade names or designs for which the company is directly or under license. It will target retailers, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers.

RUBIE'S is committed to working with its affiliates and distributors around the world to protect its catalog and offer a strategy that benefits its retail partners, distributors and the end consumer, and to safeguard their significant investment in licensed properties and product ranges of Costume.

RUBIE'S has appointed Mike O'Connell to lead strategy. He brings with him over 12 years of experience in the industry and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject of costumes and copyright infringement. Working with the Council, HMRC, Licensors and Trading Standards, RUBIE'S will monitor online platforms and specific retail channels on a daily basis to identify and challenge all violators, taking a zero tolerance approach to stop the sale of counterfeit goods. Where appropriate, the policy will always be to bring criminal or civil action against offenders, regardless of where they are located.

It is estimated that counterfeit costume items cost our industry millions of Euros in lost sales each year - revenue that is not reinvested in the industry. In most cases, counterfeits are not subject to EN71 testing or flammability testing and are potentially dangerous or harmful to our consumers.

RUBIE'S has spent many years building a leading and unrivaled portfolio of licenses, uniting the strongest character and entertainment brands available. We take pride in our Intellectual Property Rights and those of our Licensees, which is why we have launched this strategy to protect, track and monitor the sale of our products and take action against counterfeit products in the market.

RUBIE'S is urging retailers, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers to take action if they see an item they suspect is fake or counterfeit by reporting it to antipiracy@rubiesuk.com.


  • Registered trademarks - Important notice

 When listing trademarked items for sale, you MUST ensure that these are licensed products.

RUBIE'S and other official licensees are licensed to produce official costume products under a wide range of trademarks in Spain and beyond, and unless the product listed is an official licensed product, the trademark must NOT be used. This is also the case for group or package listings. The purchase of a licensed product does not authorize or give you the right to use the licensed terms and trademarks when the item is sold with another non-licensed item.

 If you have mistakenly used any trademarked terms to sell a product that is not an official product, please cease this activity immediately. In Spain, Law 17/2001 of December 7 on Trademarks establishes as a crime the use of a trademark that belongs to another person without authorization.

RUBIE'S is very active in policing and monitoring the trademarks of its licensed brands and will not hesitate to report any listing to its licensors. If you are not sure or need help, please contact us.